Insane Things You Don’t Know About Pakistan

Surprising Facts About Pakistan You Didn’t Know The World’s First Computer Virus Was Created in Pakistan When it comes to computer viruses, they have become a common occurrence in today’s digital age. It’s not uncommon for us to download something on our computers only to find that it has come with a virus that ends up … Read more

The Costliest Construction Mistakes in the World

The Abandoned Skyscraper: Golden 117 In August 2008, a prominent company called Golden Financial started the construction of the 128-story, 1,957-foot-tall Golden 117 building in the city of Tianjin, China. This colossal structure was intended to house hotels, apartments, and commercial spaces, and it was equipped with an astounding 89 elevators, as well as swimming … Read more

Famous Hindi Movies Copied From Hollywood

Bollywood’s Unoriginal Gems: Famous Hindi Movies Copied From Hollywood Baahubali: The Copied Phenomenon The Baahubali series is a cinematic marvel that needs no introduction. With its breathtaking visuals and captivating storyline, this South Indian film has left audiences in awe, both in India and across the world. The film’s worldwide revenue of over 1800 crores … Read more