How to earn money from Twitter

 How to Earn money from Twitter

Now almost all popular social networks have the opportunity to monetize their account, and Twitter is another exception. In other words, your micro blogging profile can be financially rewarding.

In this article, you will learn how to make money on Twitter and what to use for it.

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Ways to make money from your Twitter account

First of all, making money on Twitter is suitable as an additional source of income. However, with reasonable organization and proper cash flow, this social network is able to generate enough money.

Of course, it’s unreasonable to think about making money on Twitter with a “zero” score. You need to have at least 2-3 thousand followers to start making significant money from your profile. However, the first steps in this direction can be taken only after reaching 500 subscribers.

Method 1: Advertising.

On the one hand, this option of making money on Twitter is much simpler and clearer. In our scroll, we place ads from other social media profiles, services, websites, products, and even entire companies. Therefore, we receive a cash reward.

However, in order to win in this way, we need to have a widespread thematic account with a wide subscriber base. In other words, in order to attract serious advertisers, your personal channel needs to reach a specific audience.

For example, most of their posts are about cars, modern technology, sporting events, or other topics of interest to users. So, if it is popular enough, it will reach a regular audience, so it will be attractive to potential advertisers.

So, if your Twitter account meets the above requirements, you should think about making money from advertising.

So how do you get started working with Twitter advertisers? There are a number of special resources for this. First, you need to know about services like Q Comment and Twitter.

These sites are a type of exchange service and it is not difficult to understand how they work. Customers can buy from bloggers (i.e. us) on advertising tweets and retweets, as well as pay for followers. However, you are unlikely to make much money using these services.

Significant advertising revenue can already come from specialized resources. Popular offer exchanges like Balogun, Plibber, and RotaPost. In this case, the more readers you have, the more offers you get worth paying for.

One thing to keep in mind when using this type of money-making mechanism is that a channel with only advertising posts will not be read by anyone. Therefore, when posting business tweets to your account, you should not pursue maximum profit.

You can increase your revenue in the long run by smartly promoting your content through your channel.

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Method 2: Affiliate Programs

Revenue from “affiliate programs” can also be found in the advertising revenue of Twitter accounts. However, the principle, in this case, is slightly different. Unlike the first version of commercial publications, when using affiliate programs, the fee is paid for specific actions taken by readers, not for the fact of posting information.

  1. Depending on the terms of the “Branch” the following actions:
  2. Click on the link shown in the tweet.
  3. User registration on the advertised resource.
  4. Purchases made by attracted subscribers.

Thus, the revenue from affiliate programs depends entirely on the behavior of our followers. Therefore, the topics of promoted services, products, and resources should be as similar as possible to the address of our microblog.

Also, readers don’t need to know at all that we are promoting a particular partnership link. Advertising content needs to be integrated into our Twitter channel on a regular basis, so users decide to read it on their own.

Of course, in order to receive dividends from affiliate programs, the daily audience of our Twitter account, in other words, the traffic, must be very large.

So where do you look for these same “affiliate programs”? The most obvious and simple option is to work with affiliate systems of online stores. For example, from time to time you can post tweets about products that match the thematic image of your profile. At the same time, such messages provide a link to the relevant page of the product in the advertised online store.

Of course, it is possible to build direct partnerships with individuals. If your microblog has thousands of readers, this option works well.

Well, if your Twitter account can’t boast of a large database of followers, the best way out is to share it all. For example, on the site, you can work with affiliate links, even with a minimum number of subscribers.

Method 3: Trading account

In addition to advertising other people’s products and services, you can successfully promote your business offerings on Twitter. You can turn your Twitter account into an online store or use a personal scroll to attract customers.

For example, you sell products on a shopping site and you want to attract more customers through Twitter.

So you need to create a profile, fill it out and show your customers exactly what you are offering.

Then, post this type of tweet: product name and a brief description, a picture of it, and a link to it. “It would be convenient to shorten the link with the help of special services such as Bitly or Google URL Shortener.

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Method 4: Make money from your “hat” profile

There is also the opportunity to make money on Twitter. If your account is popular, you don’t need to post commercials on Twitter. To do this, you can use the most prominent “advertising space” of microblogs: the “head” of your profile.

For advertisers, “headline” ads are often interesting because they can accidentally skip a tweet, and it’s hard not to see the content of the page’s main image.

Also, these ads are much more expensive than mentioned in the messages. In addition, a reasonable approach to making “head” money can lead to a better passive income.

How to earn money from Twitter
 How to earn money from Twitter

Method 5: Sell accounts

The slowest and most annoying way to make money on Twitter is to distribute and then sell accounts to other users of the service.

  • The sequence of actions here is as follows:
  • Start a new email address for each account.
  • Sign up for that account.
  • We spread it.
  • We find a buyer on a specialized site or directly on Twitter and sell the “account”.

So it always will be. This way of making money on Twitter cannot be considered attractive or profitable. In this case, the time and effort usually do not correspond to the level of income.

Here you will learn the basic ways to make money from your Twitter account. If you are determined to get started with a microblogging service, there is no reason to doubt the success of this company.


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