How to earn money from google Adsense

How to earn money from google Adsense 2021

Google AdSense 

Is one of the most famous instruments for adapting on the web content. To be more exact, it is a publicizing circuit that interfaces promoters and distributers (for example organizations that need publicizing) and the supervisors of sites or Internet destinations who need to adapt their substance, in an exceptionally straightforward way. In fact, after creating your AdSense account, Google automatically generates additional codes for your site, allowing you to benefit from clicks and customizations. It’s interesting, isn’t it? So let’s not spend too much time chatting and getting to the action right away!


Make yourself comfortable, take five minutes of free time and let me explain in detail how you can make money with AdSense. Read the following sections carefully, try to use the guidelines I will give you and I assure you that creating an account and installing ad units on your site will be just a breeze. All that’s left for me is to wish you a good reading and good luck with it all!

The first step is to be able to monetize your website by placing advertising banners to create an account on Google AdSense. All you need is a Google Account and a site with a second level address (for example or or for AdSense partner services, such as Blogger or Altervista.

To sign up for Google Adsense, sign in to your Google account and click on the Register button now, then enter the required information in the categories of your Website and your email address, put a check mark next to the Yes item, I’d like to get a personalized guide once and performance suggestions for useful emails take the first steps in Google AdSense and press the Save button to continue.

On the next screen, select the Italian option (or country-specific item) using the drop-down menu in Select country and local box, read terms and conditions of service, tick the test next to Yes, read and accept the agreement and click the Create button account.

Now, select one of the options available between Private or Company (if you want to monetize a company website, organization, organization or training center) with the drop-down menu under the Account type item, and enter your data in the fields Name, address, postal code, city , province and phone number and press the send button.

On the screen to verify your phone number, place a mark next to a text message (SMS) or Voice call and click on the Create verification code option to get a control code to verify your phone number. Then enter the 6-digit code in the verification code field and press the send button to complete verification.

To complete your account activation, click on Copy code, copy the code displayed on the screen, paste it into the HTML code of your site (between the tags  and ), and paste a check mark next to the code I attached to my site and press the Finish button.

Usually, the verification and activation process takes less than a day, but in some cases it can take longer. As soon as your request is approved, you will receive an email at the address shown when you created your account.

Create an ad unit

Once you have created and verified your account, you are ready to create an ad unit that you can later post on your website and start earning.

To create your first ad unit, log in to your AdSense account, click on the My Ads item in the left-hand bar and select the Ad Units option. On a new open page, press the New Ad Unit button and click on the Select item related to the type of ad you want to create.

Text and display ads:

These are the most popular ad units that include images and text. You can choose the size, style and shape of the banner.

Related Content: 

Are ads that are usually placed at the bottom of an article and allow both to display sponsored content and articles related to your site. It is a useful tool to increase page views and time spent on the site and, as a result, advertising revenue.

InFeed Ads: 

Are ad units that will be included in your website’s feed. They are customizable and adapt to the look of the content.

InArticle Ads: 

These are the ad units that should be included within the text categories on your site. Automatically synchronize content.

Once you have selected your selection, enter a name that will give it an ad unit in the Name field, set its size using the drop-down menu next to Display (I recommend it adapts to other screen types) and, if desired, change the style in the Ad type section. Then press the Save and Receive button, copy the code displayed in the ad code field and paste it into the pages of the site where you want the banner to be displayed. It takes 20-30 minutes to display the ad unit properly.

When your salary reaches the payment method limit (in Italy it is ten euros), all you have to do is enter and confirm the payment method you receive, when you reach the payment limit (70 euros), the profits collected and the ad units placed on your website.

To add a payment method, connect to the Google AdSense website, log in to your account and select the Payments option on the left sidebar. On the newly opened page, click on the Manage payment methods and select an option to add a payment method (in Italy only Google AdSense benefits are allowed through bank transfers).

  1. On the Add payment method page, enter your current account details in Name in the bank account, IBAN fields and SWIFT BIC (which is an 8-digit or 11-digit code that you can see at the top of the bank statement) and press the Save button to complete the add method for payment.
  2. You should know that when the address verification limit is reached (10 euros), Google automatically sends a PIN code to the local address associated with your account to activate the payment. Before reaching the 10 euro limit, check the accuracy of the data associated with your address.
  3. Then sign in to your AdSense account, select the Payments option in the left-hand bar and click on Manage Settings in the Settings box. Now, check that the data shown in the word-for-word section is correct, otherwise click on the pencil icon, proceed to enter the correct data and press the Save button.
  4. After receiving the PIN code by regular mail (wait 2-3 weeks), sign in to your AdSense account, click Settings and Data Account Options in the left-hand bar and, on the new open page, select the Confirm item address. Then enter the PIN code you hold in the appropriate field and press the Send PIN button to complete verification.

Once you have completed the process of entering the payment method and verifying your address, you are ready to receive your first salary.

Ad units created with Google AdSense generate revenue when users click on it. Only certain campaigns – in fact, very rare – make money for the show, that is, only the display of banners for visitors. At any time, you can monitor your Google AdSense earnings and monitor the progress of individual ad units.

On the main page of your account, you can view a summary of the total amount of money for the day, the previous day, the last seven days, the current month and the available balance of your account.

To view earnings per unit of ads, click on the activity report item and select the time period of your interest in the drop-down menu The last 7 days (right), then click the Insert option, select the Ad Units option and place a mark next to your interest ad unit check its estimated value and contact its statistics according to Impressions, Clicks, RPM (revenue per 1000 appearances), Visibility etc.

How to earn money from google Adsense
How to earn money from google Adsense

  • If, on the other hand, you want to check the status of payments, pre-made and set a small payment limit, click on the payment item in the left-hand bar and select the View transactions option to view your AdSense account income and received payments.
  • Instead, select Manage settings and click on the pencil icon associated with the calendar and payment options to change the minimum payment limit (not less than 70 euros).

You need to know that Google AdSense checks monthly earnings on the first day of each month. If the benefits exceed the minimum payment limit, Google will transfer on the 21st of the same month, otherwise the proceeds will be transferred to the account balance and accumulated until the minimum payment limit is reached

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