ClicBot Educational Robot Kit For Kids

 ClicBot Educational Robot Kit For Kids (And Grownups Too)

As a lot as i love the concept of STEM toys–gadgets that try to teach technological know-how, era, engineering and math to youngsters—many have a tendency to fall into considered one of  unfortunate extremes. both they’re too superficial to be of a lot fee or so hard that they’re off-setting to younglings. ClicBot manages to thread that needle so properly it ought to be at the wish list of each techy youngster’s mother and father. It’s clean to analyze, versatile, has a ton of replay fee, is educational and might grow with your child’s interest, information and abilities. What different single toy can test all the ones bins?

ClicBot Educational Robot

ClicBot is aimed at children age eight and up, although there’s enough sophistication here that it’ll engage geeky adults as well–whether or not they have got kids. I left my childhood years at the back of a long time in the past, and i’m able to see myself playing with ClicBot for quite a while to come.

If ClicBot has one Achilles’ Heel, it’s value: you may get it in a ramification of bundles, however none are mainly inexpensive. typically priced below $600, the overall package might be the exceptional standard cost. It has each kind of element within the ClicBot inventory—35 in all—so you can make any form of robotic.

The Starter and widespread kits have fewer additives, but the whole lot is modular and expandable, so you can continually upload kits to get greater elements at any time. For this overview, I had the complete complete package at my disposal, so in case you opt for one of the other variations, your usual experience is probably a bit distinct.

If ClicBot has one Achilles’ Heel, it’s cost: you can get it in a ramification of bundles, however none are specially cheaper. generally priced under $six hundred, the whole package is probably the exceptional universal cost. It has every kind of element within the ClicBot inventory—35 in all—so that you could make any type of robotic.

The Starter and standard kits have fewer additives, however the whole thing is modular and expandable, so that you can usually upload kits to get more components at any time. For this overview, I had the complete full package at my disposal, so if you opt for one of the other versions, your usual experience is probably a little distinctive.

ClicBot is a modular robot creation kit

At its middle, ClicBot is a modular robot creation kit. You bring together the diverse components in a in reality countless array of configurations—you could make robots that walk, roll on motorized wheels, slither like a snake, grab matters with a claw and greater. Your bots can respond to motion sensors and even climb partitions with suction cup feet. There are commands for around 30 extraordinary robots proper out of the box, but once your kid attempts a pair of these, they’ll be mixing and matching elements to make their personal creations.

That said, commencing the ClicBot box for the primary time can sense a bit overwhelming, so more youthful kids specially will need the assist of mom or dad to get commenced. the difficulty is the sheer number of pieces. in addition to the “brain” module, there are round joints for connecting diverse components together, limbs for strolling, wheels, suction cups and smart toes (which have their very own pressure sensors constructed in), at the side of different kinds of mounts and sensors.

but after the preliminary surprise of seeing all the additives and wondering “in which do i go from right here,” it doesn’t take long to get comfortable with the ClicBot universe. each type of component connects exactly the identical way, snapping together easily with a fulfilling click on. There are no wires or different electronics do-dads to deal with—the parts themselves have all of the electronics built proper in and communicate via contacts where they snap collectively.

A huge, laminated card tells you exactly a way to build your first robotic, Bac, who sticks securely to the tabletop way to a base with a effective (but removable and non-unfavorable) adhesive tape. Bac can move its head around on the quit of an extended articulated frame. You (or your child) need to be capable of construct Bac in about five minutes.

ClicBot Educational Robot Kit For Kids
ClicBot Educational Robot Kit For Kids



flip it on and you’re greeted by an lovely single eye (complete with blinking eyelid) on the pointy shade touchscreen that constitutes its face. The builders spent some time ensuring that the robotic has persona, and it can pay off. Bac is lovable and reacts to you (you may pet the top of its head or block its vision along with your hand) and can play video games with you right out of the field. It’s a charming, non-threatening advent to the ClicBot universe.

further to that preliminary getting started card, you furthermore mght get a flipbook that succinctly describes the motive of each thing, plus a user guide. however the simplest manner to study ClicBot is with the mobile app.

indeed, the gadget’s actual energy kicks in once you set up the cell app to your smartphone and connect it to ClicBot. enter the app’s “Playground” tab to get step-by using-step instructions to construct dozens of robots. due to the fact the app knows the exact state of the robotic, you could comply with the visible instructions to add parts, one by one, to make a bot. in case you snap a element on wrong, the app knows, and you’ll have a chance to correct it earlier than transferring onto the following step. building a robot has by no means been easier.


while it’s completed, you take manipulate–actually. you could use the cellphone as a far off manage to perform the robot, whether it’s a wheeled car you’re driving round, a legged bot you could stroll, a climber, or a robot with a grabber you could use to pick out up stuff off the tabletop. The app has other stuff, too: films designed to seem like shows that simply educate you the way to use ClicBot, ongoing layout demanding situations, and greater.


If that’s all there was to ClicBot, it would be amusing, however I think you’d agree that it would rarely be a complete educational experience. which is why ClicBot takes your child even further with the capability to software the robot’s movements.


There are several ways to application ClicBot. The simplest approach is to click on report at the programming console and actually move the robot’s joints. you could use this technique to create a chain of macros and then play them back—you can use this method to educate your claw device to grab some thing off the desk or educate a spiderbot to walk.


The recording manner can be a bit elaborate till you get your feet wet, so this, along with the alternative programming strategies, may require some help from mother or dad. but to its credit, the ClicBot app has a few splendid video tutorials on how this works. Older youngsters could be capable of comply with along and grasp the strategies on their personal.


Even greater formidable youngsters can application the robotic with a simple drag-and-drop programming interface. just drag command blocks into the program window on a telephone or pill and personalize how each command should paintings. It’s pretty powerful, and some of the only ways to introduce a kid to the logic and shape of programming. And for older kids and adults who’re prepared for real coding, ClicBot also understands Python.

I’ve been thru lots of STEM toys over the years, and most put on out their welcome pretty quick. however ClicBot is like a robot model of Legos (now not to be pressured with real robotic Legos like Lego MindStorms) inside the feel that it’s infinitely replayable, with out a stop to the robots you may design or the things you can do with them. You’re simply restricted handiest by means of the quantity of components you own in your ClicBot stock. And whilst a lot of toys get much less exciting with time, the ClicBot apparently comes from an change reality: the older you get, the extra you may do with it.

  • It also looks like the additives will rise up to long-time period use.
  • They appear ruggedly built, the vehicles are effective, and elements are easy sufficient to collect that maximum children may be capable of cope with it on their very own with out moms and dads to chaperone.

I was a bit disappointed that some of the messages that seem on ClicBot’s face, which serves as the person interface and program menu, are clumsily written—probably a signal they have been now not originally written in English and little attempt became made to localize the messages well.

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